Celebrating “Sumtumn” - the Close of Summer in Tahoe

By: Jenay Aiksnoras

Labor Day marks the end of the vacation season. For many, it is the last hurrah before heading back to school or returning to work. Over the last decade, I have had to adjust to what this means for a Tahoe business owner. My schedule is completely different from what it was when I lived the “typical life” of going to school and working for someone else.

Moving to Tahoe and opening my own business has forced me to make significant changes to my lifestyle. Some of these changes are really great, some are a bit awkward, but all afford me the opportunity to enjoy everything the basin has to offer and more.

Lake Tahoe Yoga Sunset
Celebrating summer with friends on Nevada Beach

Summer is Great, Autumn is Better

I am originally from New England. The Autumn there is unbeatable. I love the smell of Fall flowers and the sound of the leaves as they crunch under your feet while you walk. I miss those Summers that last late into September and early October. What I don’t miss is humidity and mosquitos. This is where my love for Tahoe began.

I moved here in 2008. As we drove up Kingsbury Grade one early August evening towing all of our belongs upward to our new home we could smell the juniper and pine waft through the air. The crisp evening temperatures and warmth of the day made it easy to want to play outside all day and cozy up for a peaceful rest all night. I have fallen in love with this season that slowly drifts from Summer to Winter with surprising moments of Autumn in-between. I have decided to call it “Sumtumn.”  Although apple trees are far and few, the changing of the Aspen and slow trickle of the local creeks signals the shift from the hot Summer days and warm evenings to cooler mornings and chilly nights.

This season is perfect for a morning paddlemid-day hike, afternoon of swimming and an evening around the fire. Tomorrow, how about a morning of coffee, mid-morning tee-time, afternoon bike ride and cocktails fireside? I might even spend some time before bed in the hot tub to recover.

Lake Tahoe Beach Sand
Enjoy a close-up of the unique and on Tahoe’s Beaches

Peace, Ease, and Privacy

Since moving to Tahoe I have made it a priority to make the time, each day, to go to the beach. Whether I am out guiding a Paddle Yoga or Beach Yoga Class, or simply spending some time out on the sand, I have found that the time I spend close to the water always helps me to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

During the time of year between Labor Day and when the snow finally falls, it is as though every beach has been reserved, just for me. I love it when there are hundreds of feet between me and whomever else has discovered this secret out on the sand. Having gotten so used to having this space I sometimes forget, in the middle of Summertime, that not everyone, everywhere, enjoys the same experience on their home beaches.

If you’re planning a week or weekend of restoration or escape, this is the time to visit Lake Tahoe. Book a Private Yoga Practice, a ride with Tahoe Boat RidesCruise Tahoe or head out on the Golden Rose.  Take a walk, a hike, a bike ride.    You will feel as though you have the lake, the beach, the basin to yourself. You can literally get away from it all when you visit Tahoe during Sumtumn.

Lake Tahoe Yoga Class
Doing business with a more relaxed attitude changes everything

Taking a More Relaxed Attitude Toward Business

No longer am I responding to ten or fifteen booking requests each day. As soon as the Labor Day weekend ends, so do the many inquiries that had been coming in. I take a deep breath and walk away from the computer, for just a few minutes. The best thing is, since I now have the time to breathe and relax as a business owner, I am also able to take a more relaxed approach as a teacher and in my interactions with clients.

Some business owners head out on their vacations. A deserved respite from the non-stop of the Summer Season. Some of us remain here, happy to continue to serve the residents and visitors who value what we do and this unique season in Tahoe. Now that things have quieted down it is worth it to check out some of the smaller, locally owned, businesses in the area. You might happen upon a spot you didn’t know existed or receive special treatment as a result of your patronage during a time when we are all a bit more relaxed.

Lake Tahoe Sunset

Take the time to visit Tahoe during this unique time of year.  Call it “Sumtumn,” “Suall,” or “Local’s Summer.”    Whatever you name it, it is a magical time in the basin that all of us can enjoy.

Originally posted on LakeTahoeYoga.com.  Learn more about Yoga by visiting their blog: http://www.laketahoeyoga.com/learnaboutyoga.

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