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Our New Brand

Our New Brand

Tahoe South is now Visit Lake Tahoe. The new Visit Lake Tahoe brand matches the future of our organization as an advocate for South Shore visitation and businesses with commitment to sustainable tourism and protecting this awe-inspiring place. This new name and logo isn’t just about changing our visual identity. It’s about a new renewed purpose and vision. Watch this video to hear from the locals who helped us evolve and what it means for the future of the organization.

Visit Lake Tahoe

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to share the wonder of Lake Tahoe with the world. Lake Tahoe belongs to us all, and we want to share this place, responsibly and sustainably. We want to invite people here to experience the breathtaking awe and mind-blowing invigoration that sparks a deep connection with Lake Tahoe–the same connection we all have as locals. Once someone feels that, they truly cherish Tahoe and want to passionately preserve its grandeur and good times for endless generations. We know there is a responsibility associated with promoting one of the world’s true natural wonders, and we’re here to take that responsibility on with pleasure.

Couple sitting on a boat

Our Vision

In 10 years, we aspire to be in the top 10% of destination marketing organizations known for leading sustainable tourism* around the world, all while continuing to fulfill our organizational mission to market the South Shore of Lake Tahoe as a unique, year-round destination to the global marketplace and to favorably impact the South Shore economy through overnight stays and tourism spending.

*Sustainable tourism is defined as balancing social, environmental and economic factors while continuing to thrive as a destination.

Our Name

Why Visit Lake Tahoe?

We are focused on promoting hotels, businesses and more on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. It’s our slice of heaven. But we also know that people from far and wide know of the lake as a whole entity—not just the different neighborhoods and regions. It’s important that we speak to travelers who are interested in visiting, so they understand the Total Tahoe experience and why the South Shore is the ultimate place to stay.

Lakeland Village aerial view

Our Core Values

Lake First

Everything starts and ends with the Lake. It brought us all here, it’s what makes us truly special and different from other destinations, and it’s what brings people back together here year after year. It fills our hearts and souls, and it fuels our good times, community and economy. So we always consider the lake in everything we do.

Tahoe Trailblazers

If we want to be in the top 10% of DMOs when it comes to sustainable tourism and be considered a leading voice of Lake Tahoe tourism, we have to be innovative, inventive, creative and courageous in our thinking and actions, so we can lead the way.

Be In Balance

Whether it’s on the lake, on the trails, on the slopes or in our brand and the way we do business, balance is everything. We have to balance how we promote our unique destination experiences, be it indoor/outdoor or day/night, all while balancing our interests in our economy, environment and community. 

Be Communicative

Like our lake, we want to be crystal clear in our communications, so everyone knows what our brand stands for, what our vision is, where we stand on issues, what visitors can expect and how we recommend they experience Lake Tahoe. As a brand representing so many interests, clarity helps drive collaboration and unity.

Alpine Passion

We care deeply about this place, but we’re also here for a good time. We love the lake, love to play and love what we do. We’re here to share this place with the world and show them its beauty, as well as its playful and fun-loving spirit.

two women doing yoga lake tahoe

What is Awe and Then Some?

Finally, we found the words to describe this wondrous place! Awe and then Some speaks to the balance of the Total Tahoe experience–from the special feeling everyone gets while marveling at the lake, breathing the fresh air, diving in the crystal-clear water and coming alive in Lake Tahoe, to all the energy, experiences, connections and activities Tahoe provides. 

Scenic views of Cave Rock

It’s the jaw-dropping, mind-blowing beauty. It’s that absolute gasp you experience when you see the lake. It’s a feeling of calm and perspective when you take it all in. It’s this stunning setting and then it’s so much more. It’s jumping in the lake and then hitting the jackpot. It’s laughing with family and connecting with friends. It’s the skiing and mountain biking and paddling. It’s the big-time events and special little moments.

It’s all sorts of awesome. It’s Awe and then Some.

Get in Touch

We’d love to see your pictures and videos on this website, or for you to write a guest post for our blog. Send your goods to info@visitlaketahoe.com, give us a shout on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Official Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/Visit_LakeTahoe

You can also get in touch with us the old-school anti-robot way: come see us in person from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our visitor center. We’re closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 542-4637

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