The Lake Tahoe Skateboarding Scene

By: Lake Tahoe Staff

When searching for adventure in South Lake Tahoe, there are many ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Skateboarding and longboarding will provide you with a fun and active way to get out and see what South Lake Tahoe has to offer. Both indoor and outdoor options allow you to keep skateboarding even when mother nature decides it’s time for winter!

Skatehouse Skate Park – Indoor Skatepark

Skatehouse Skatepark is an indoor park that features a newly built skate bowl. With an unmatched quality of craftsmanship, it is sure to appeal to any vert riders. The bowl is built in a way that makes it fun for beginners while being large enough for the most experienced veterans to find unique lines time and time again. They also feature a skate shop to get you geared up with anything from the newest pro model skateboarding to skate equipment and clothing.

But are you in town on vacation and forgot your board? Not to worry! Skatehouse is happy to offer rentals on boards, safety equipment, and even lessons.Come on down and see what new lines you can find to shred today!

Skatehouse Skatepark - Photo Credit:
Skatehouse Skatepark – Photo Credit:

Bijou Outdoor Skatepark

Bijou Outdoor skate park offers a large variety of features to suit any style of riding. From the quarter pipes and hip transfers to the rails, this park will accommodate both street and vert riders of all skill levels. Located in the beautiful Bijou Park, there is something sure to entertain the whole family with the multiple bike parks, basketball courts, and playgrounds that are all surrounded by towering redwoods.

Longboarding in South Lake Tahoe

Longboarding has a rich history in South Lake Tahoe due to the unprecedented amount of paths and roads that carve and weave themselves through picturesque mountains and shorelines overlooking the lake. Paths such as the Bijou Bike path will allow anyone of any skill to cruise through Tahoe while taking in the beautiful sites. Local spots that are known by more experienced riders looking to push their limits in longboarding include Kingsbury Grade, Cave Rock, and Emerald Bay Path. Make sure to watch your shredometer in these spots though as there is often traffic!

Photo provided by Tahoe Board Company, Rider Mike Mayhew
Photo provided by Tahoe Board Company, Rider Mike Mayhew

Longboarding For The Whole Family

South Lake Tahoe has many paved trails that are easy to meander your way through Tahoe on. Pope-Baldwin Bike Path is a nearly flat path that runs for 3.4 miles. It passes through Historic Camp Richardson Resort as well as offering stops at Pope beach and Baldwin Beach, Fallen Leaf Lake and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Center. Other popular trails include the South Lake Tahoe Bike Path or also called the Forest Bicycle Trail. On August 11, Shred The Lake III is taking place in South Lake Tahoe. This is the biggest local competition of the year and will end the summer of competitions so come out and support the riders on this memorable day!

Photo by Luckybeanz Photography, Rider Mike Mayhew
Photo by Luckybeanz Photography, Rider Mike Mayhew

Bob Burnquist Skates a Halfpipe on the Lake

Professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist has no limits as to where he skates as shown when he had a custom crafted 7,300 lb floating skate ramp launched out in the crystal clear waters of South Lake Tahoe. With over 300 man hours and four days of construction put into this project, it is a monumental moment for both the skateboard industry as well as South Lake Tahoe. It illustrates just one more aspect of the outgoing and adventurous lifestyle that many look to experience when visiting Lake Tahoe.

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