Let's Make a Plan - Prepare and Then Let Go

By: Jenay Aiksnoras

Did you know that the number of people in Tahoe can triple in the Summer months?  All of Lake Tahoe is changed by the many visitors that join us for the fabulous Summers.  To get the most out of Tahoe prepare, then just go with the flow.

Make Reservations and Show Up Early

Lake Tahoe Yoga

In Yoga we practice sajatta (preparedness).  Considering the options and outcomes, but letting go of expectation allows for and reduces stress.  Doing your best to prepare for your next Tahoe Adventure will help you to have a more relaxed experience.

Not all of the places in Lake Tahoe accept reservations.  When planning to go somewhere, take the time to do your research.  Make reservations in advance at those places that accept them and check reviews on Yelp as well as websites for details about wait times, access and parking.  Some restaurants have video feeds of their waiting areas. I also recommend that you call ahead to get details that might not be readily available. You might not get a reservation, but at least you can plan your travel to get there.  Don’t forget that it may take you an extra ten or twenty minutes or so to get to where you are going due to the density of people driving around town. Check the map for the location and plan on showing up early. Then, you will have built-in time to find parking and give yourself some time to transition from travel to play.

Lake Tahoe Yoga

Read All of the Details

There are signs and posted information everywhere.  How much do you actually read? Taking the time to do so can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Most of the beaches in the area do not allow dogs.  Some have designated areas for dogs, boats, etc. Read the posted signs to know where it is appropriate to bring your dog or anchor your boat.  This will reduce the risk of someone becoming upset with you and keep everyone happy.

Many of the businesses in the area have limited parking and access.  Read the signs that explain where, when and how to park. Follow the instructions and you won’t have to worry about your car getting hit or towed.  It is worth it to pay the valet $10 to park your car in a safe place rather than risk the fees for being towed.

Grabbing an electric scooter or renting a bike?  Read the instructions and rules before doing so. In Tahoe, you can’t just park your scooter or bike anywhere.  Those of us who promote bikes have racks in front of our businesses. Knowing what spots provide safe parking and placing your ride there will keep the area looking lovely and business owners won’t get upset about misplaced transportation which means they will continue to be available for use.

Make It Better

When planning for your next hike, bike ride or beach day be sure to include items that will help you to keep the area tidy.  Carry baggies for dog poop and trash. Consider the items you are packing and make sure you are ready to carry out what you carry in.  If you’re heading out on the water remember that most things sink. Plan out how you are going to keep your personal items safe.

While you are out and about practice being a good Samaritan.  When I was a school counselor I used to read a book to the third-grade class that was called, “What if everybody did that?”  The image on one page would show someone dropping a wrapper on the ground, the next would show hundreds of people dropping wrappers.  It was a great way to visibly show my students how powerful the effect of their actions are. Do what you can to make Tahoe better by setting an example of doing things that keep the area looking beautiful.

Let Go and Enjoy the Experience

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides
Photo: Lake Tahoe Boat Rides

Vairagya is the practice of detachment or renunciation.  It refers to releasing your desire to find satisfaction in the material world.  As residents of the area, we are spoiled with opportunities to enjoy this incredible playground every day.  We know the hot spots, the secret coves, the hidden gems, and the popular hangouts. Everyone has their favorite haunts.

Remember that we are all human and that our perceptions change based upon experience and situation.  When our circumstances and mindset change, so do our behaviors. If you are visiting the area, remember to follow the rules and respect the residents.  If you live here, remember to share that which you love with those visiting in ways that encourage mindfulness and consideration. Detach from how you expect things to be or how they were last time you went somewhere.  Let go and enjoy this time as though it was, again, the first. Enjoy the changes and differences between this time and the last.

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