Annual Tahoe Backcountry Safety Awareness Week

By: Lake Tahoe Staff

Tahoe Backcountry safety awareness week

Welcome to Backcountry Safety Awareness Week 2023!

Get ready for a full week of information and events about how to stay safe and have fun in the backcountry. Scroll down for the schedule of events, as well as daily topics with more information from local backcountry organizations.

Schedule of Events:

Monday, December 11 – Welcome to the New Backcountry

Happy Hour, Raffle, and Backcountry Trivia at RMU Truckee. Event Details.

Tuesday, December 12 – Preparing for the Backcountry

On-Snow Safety Lessons with International Alpine Guides at Donner Pass. Pre-registration required. Event Details.

Wednesday, December 13 – Be a Friend in the Backcountry

On-Snow Intro to Backcountry Touring with Alpenglow Expeditions. Pre-registration required. Event Details.

Sharing the Backcountry Panel at RMU Truckee. Event Details.

Thursday, December 14 – Motors in the Backcountry

Backcountry Film Festival hosted by Tahoe Backcountry Alliance at Alibi’s Incline Public House. Event Details.

Friday, December 15 – Get outside and enjoy!

Women’s specific Intro to the Backcountry Lecture and indoor demo with SheJumps and Alpenglow in Olympic Village. Pre-registration required. Event Details.

Saturday, December 16 – Get outside and enjoy!

Professional athlete panel hosted by Alpenglow Expeditions in Olympic Village. Pre-registration required. Event Details.

Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers monthly meetup and beacon park at Little Truckee Summit. Event Details.

Know before you go:

What is the avalanche risk today? Visit the Sierra Avalanche Center to find out.

Where should you go?

Mike’s Ski Tours is a great resource for local backcountry spots.

Check out Richard Bothwell’s new Tahoe guidebook – “Light Tours of Tahoe”

Stay up to date on weather and travel conditions.

Truckee Tahoe Travel Alert

Visit Lake Tahoe Live Conditions

Follow local backcountry etiquette:

Here are some more tips to help you be safe when you’re out:

  • The backcountry is dangerous. Understand that help is far away and your safety is ultimately up to you.
  • There’s essential equipment you need and must know how to use before going into the backcountry.
  • Learn how avalanches happen and how to avoid them. What you don’t know can kill you and others.
  • Understand your local avalanche forecast to help guide your decision-making in the backcountry.
  • Learn about avalanche terrain to maximize your riding while minimizing your exposure to danger.
  • Avalanches are serious and require taking time to educate yourself. There’s always more to learn and this is ONLY A START!

Get the picture.

Before we get into the details, we need to know what the backcountry even is.

Watch the videos from Day 1 HERE

Backcountry Tips and Etiquette from Alpenglow Expeditions & Tahoe Backcountry Alliance

Introduction to the Backcountry
Why you need to be worried: associated dangers & risks

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