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Seattle To Lake Tahoe Flights Are Direct

The birthplace of Starbucks. The hometown of the mighty Seattle Seahawks and their 13th man. The city has a picturesque waterfront that other towns wished they had. The list can go on and on as to why it’s an amazing place to live, but sometimes you need a break from the daily routine. If you’re looking for a vacation destination that checks everyone’s needs and wants, then Lake Tahoe should be near the top. And we’ll make it even easier for you – there are direct flights from Seattle to Lake Tahoe!

An Active Person’s Nirvana

Couple looking at Lake Tahoe from the top of Mt. Tallac
View from top of Mt. Tallac

Since you live in Seattle, we’re guessing you’re an active person. That means you love getting outside and taking in what Mother Nature provides. No matter the season, you’ll find an infinite list of outdoor adventures to do steps from your basecamp in Lake Tahoe. As snow blankets our peaks, you’ll find a dozen world-class ski resorts to pick from. Transitioning from winter into spring and summer, you’ll find miles of epic mountain bike trails to delve into. Need to relax? No problem. Sit back and take in the jaw-dropping views on miles of Caribbean-like sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. We could keep going… but this is merely a small sampling of all the things you can do in Lake Tahoe.

Skip The Gloom And Enjoy The Sun!

A couple enjoying the beach at Lake Tahoe - Rachid Dahnoun / LTVA
A couple enjoying the beach at Lake Tahoe – Rachid Dahnoun / LTVA

We get it that Seattle isn’t that rainy. It doesn’t even crack the top 40 among US cities for average rainfall. But it IS gloomy. Annually, Seattle only has 60 days of sunshine, and the sun doesn’t rise until almost 8:00 am in December. If you’re looking for a vacation destination that offers perfect weather AND tons of sun, then Tahoe is #1. In the summer, temps’ range between 69 and 77 degrees with a 90% probability of sunshine. While in the winter, on average our peaks receive over 500” of snow. Statistically, it only falls on 50 days a year which means for every one day of powder expect three days of bright blue skies. Not enough? Here’s 5 reasons why we think it’s the Best In The West.

South Lake Tahoe in the Winter - Brian Walker / Edgewood Tahoe
South Lake Tahoe in the Winter – Brian Walker / Edgewood Tahoe

For those looking for an escape from Emerald City for a few days or even a week, Lake Tahoe is the perfect getaway. Great weather, an almost infinite list of activities, and non-stop direct flights from Seattle to Lake Tahoe… what more could you ask for?

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