5 Reasons Why Lake Tahoe Skiing Is The Best In The West

By: Alex Silgalis

As many residents can attest, once you’ve experienced an epic Lake Tahoe winter, you’re hooked. Glorious blue skies, comfy temps, and most of all, lots & lots of snow. And the best part? The region has no shortage of resorts to explore if you’re here for a day or a lifetime. Still don’t believe us? Here’s 5 reasons why we think Lake Tahoe skiing is the best in the West.

Snowfall Measured In Feet

Lake Lake Tahoe Shore Winter

When it comes to snowfall, Lake Tahoe is the envy of other mountainous regions. Places like Colorado get excited when a few inches fall out of the sky on their peaks, but when a storm points itself at the Sierra Nevada mountain range, look out! Storm totals typically range in FEET! For those that want to know more about Lake Tahoe’s climate, check out our article: What’s the weather like in Lake Tahoe.

Sunshine Capital

Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort South Lake Tahoe
Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort South Lake Tahoe

Florida might be nicknamed the sunshine state, but when it comes to ski vacation locales, Lake Tahoe could be called the sunshine ski destination. The Lake Tahoe Basin receives nearly 300 days of sunshine annually, so when the snow does fall, there’s a good chance you’ll be slashing it on a bluebird powder day.

Nightlife That Goes All Night!

Nightlife Lake Tahoe

There’s a reason that since the advent of downhill skiing, partying has always been deeply intertwined. In fact, there’s a word for it: après! You can only ski so much and once the sun sets, you need to celebrate. As 2Pac once said, “California knows how to party”, and in the mountains, Lake Tahoe is head & shoulders above other places. From shooting craps at one of the many casinos in Stateline to live performance venues like the Loft, the shores of Tahoe just do it bigger and better than the rest.

An Alpine Lake That Doesn’t Freeze

There’s a lot of ski destinations that have a lake but how many have one that doesn’t freeze? We can only think of one: Lake Tahoe! As you drop down the slopes of Heavenly and gaze upon the cobalt blue waters against a snowy mountain backdrop, you’ll have to stop for a moment. Not to catch your breath, but rather to take it all in.

Diversity Of Terrain & Resorts

Even in the most famous regions for skiing and snowboarding in North America, nobody comes close to the diversity of downhill skiing available within such a concentrated area. From the birthplace of extreme skiing (i.e. Palisades) to hidden gems like Diamond Peak, the variety of terrain, lift ticket prices, and vibes found across all fourteen ski areas will make sure you feel just like Goldilocks.

We could keep going & going about why skiing in Lake Tahoe is the best in the West, but don’t just take our word for it. Experience it for yourself!

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