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Once the snow begins to thaw in Tahoe, Mother Nature celebrates and often brings surprises. Rain, late-season snow, and beaches beckoning sun-bathers with warm sands are all part of the epic spring experience in Lake Tahoe.

Couple exploring Glen Alpine Waterfall in the spring Family exploring Valhalla Pier at South Lake Tahoe Family walking dog at Fallen Leaf Lake


Discover the Beauty of Lake Tahoe in Spring

When temperatures warm, Lake Tahoe reveals its full magnificence. Life begins to peek through the snowy blanket, a symphony of colorful wildflowers dot the hills amidst emerald patches, and young leaves peek from branches. Radiant sunshine reflects off of the expansive, gin-clear waters. 

It’s positively glorious to behold.

Touches of green also harken the return of different forms of outdoor play. Few places on the planet are able to offer visitors time on the putting greens or water before strapping on skis and taking some turns down the Heavenly hills.

But, here, you can literally do it all in spring.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!

Robin Williams

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Back in Touch with Nature

Snow takes new form this season. Coursing down the towering peaks, snow melt makes for some extraordinary sightseeing. Lake Tahoe hiking trails feature a multitude of waterfalls that are at their picturesque peak as the weather warms. Try Horsetail Falls or Lower Glen Alpine Lake Falls.

While your hiking shoes are on…

Blossoms are beckoned by the spring sunshine, and Lake Tahoe boasts a bounty of them. Follow scenic trails strewn through the hills to spot wildflowers as they reveal themselves come springtime.

It’s also the perfect season to tackle some of Tahoe’s top hikes. Fallen Leaf Lake offers scenic options for those who want either a brisk nature walk or a more intense outing. Stunning Emerald Bay is a must-see for Tahoe visitors and a picture-perfect place for outdoor jaunts.

Oh, but that azure body of water seems so inviting.

Discover the many Lake Tahoe water activities on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Plenty of places are found to rent either one, plus Lake Tahoe has several spots to launch your self-propelled watercraft.

Spring Skiing Heavenly Lake Tahoe
Spring Skiing at Lake Tahoe
Things to do during springtime at Lake Tahoe

Adventurous Spring Outings

Scenery here is indeed stunning, but sometimes it’s fun to watch it whip by at higher speeds.

For a solid adrenaline rush, grab your mountain bike—or rent one easily at several spots in Lake Tahoe—and take on the surrounding singletrack and trails. For the truly ambitious, find out why Saxon Creek Trail is nicknamed “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”, or take on seven summits in one day.

Mountain biking here is the stuff of legends.

Taking a leisurely ride through the area is another option. Lake Tahoe is designated a Bike Friendly Community, so safe paths are plentiful, as are shops to rent them.

One of the coolest spring activities in Tahoe? Skiing and snowboarding through the light spring snow…but ditch the cold weather wear. Taking turns in t-shirts is a favorite past time—and absurdly fun—when warmer weather returns.

Get to Know Lake Tahoe

Epic landscapes and endless outdoor fun are what Tahoe is well known for, but there’s a whole other side to the area. One teeming with history. Historical legends like Mark Twain frequented Tahoe. During the Gold Rush, it was an elite getaway for Bay Area residents. Structures still remain that once housed rousing parties, wooden boats, overnight guests and residents reveling in Tahoe’s extraordinary surroundings. 

Mark Twain
Mark Twain

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