Demonstrate Mindful Travel

No Jedi mind tricks here – I will love and take care of Lake Tahoe like a local and join in their passion to protect, preserve and positively impact the places I explore. In doing so, I Pledge to the Wild to help with a small monetary donation to support Tahoe’s outdoor spaces.


Lake Tahoe Take Care Travel Pledge - Demonstrate Mindful Travel

So, you’re ready to go all-in supporting Tahoe through mindful travel. What the heck does that actually mean?

Being mindful is about being present in the places you visit, doing your best to positively impact them without loving them to death.  

That looks different to everyone. It’s packing out trash and making sure you drink Tahoe tap water (which, btw, is delicious) in your reusable water bottle. 

It’s learning how to #RecreateResponsibly by planning ahead, playing it safe, and leaving no trace.

It can also be visiting Tahoe during the week and non-holidays, which means fewer people at your best-loved – and often most fragile – beaches, trails, and vistas.

For you, it might be riding your bike instead of driving your car while here. Or even relying on public transportation. Insider tip: bikes ride free on the South Tahoe Water Taxi, which stops along the beaches from Camp Richardson to Round Hill Pines. 

It’s supporting the places you love through donations. There’s no shortage of organizations tasked with protecting and preserving Lake Tahoe. One of them, the Tahoe Fund, supports restoration and enhancement projects for South Lake Tahoe’s incredible wild places. All Tahoe-lovers are invited to donate

If time is scarce, consider becoming a #TahoeBlueGooder. It requires no paperwork, training, or hassle!

Being mindful is all about showing respect for the places we all love…like Tahoe.

Ready to get mindful about Lake Tahoe?

Let’s get started.

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