Be a #TahoeBlueGooder

By: Lake Tahoe Staff

Be a #TahoeBlueGooder

You love Lake Tahoe and want to protect it, but your free time is scarce. No problem. Whether you’re visiting for the day or live in Tahoe year-round, you can still Keep Tahoe Blue by becoming a #TahoeBlueGooder!

There’s no paperwork, training or hassle involved. All you need to do is leave Lake Tahoe better than you found it. Every single Lake-friendly action you take makes a difference for the health and clarity of Big Blue. Join us and live the Keep Tahoe Blue Lifestyle.

Act small or act big, but do it to protect the Lake you love.

Take the Tahoe Pledge

Once you get started as a #TahoeBlueGooder, it will become your obsession. You can always deepen your commitment by volunteering at a League event, donating to support our work, or joining one of citizen science programs:

Your efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue are more important now than ever. The challenges of the pandemic has made every effort to keep Tahoe clean and healthy crucial. As a #TahoeBlueGooder, you can set the example for others to follow.

For more #TaheBlueGooder suggestions, get in touch:

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