Our Favorite #VisitLakeTahoe Instagram Photos from the Month of April

By: Sam Pinsky

Hello Lake Tahoe enthusiast!

If April showers bring May flowers, we’re curious what next month will bring. Take a gander at our favorite #VisitLakeTahoe Instagram photos from the month of April!

10. Big Blue showing off shades of green

Stunning aerial view!

9. Emerald Bay, turned to gold!

It’s hard to compete with a lake tahoe sunset

8. The end of ski season is tragic but beautiful!

Spring skiing in paradise!

7. Hiking buddies are the best kind

Two lakes, one amazing view!

6. Heavenly Mountain, named appropriately

A skier’s dream!

5. Cheers!

Drinks, firepit, and a lake view

4. Cloudy and beautiful

Green and serene

3. Edgewood views!

Simply stunning!

2. The blues of Tahoe!

Life should always be this colorful!

1. South Lake Tahoe in all its glory!

Prettiest place on the planet!

No matter what route you take on your next Lake Tahoe expedition, please be sure to positively impact the local environment and wildlife along the way. As a city in the middle of a forest, South Lake Tahoe and its guests have a responsibility to keep wildlife wild by never feeding them and properly disposing of garbage in bear-resistant containers. 

Ready to be a next-level visitor? Picking up even a few pieces of discarded trash can go a long way towards “Keeping Tahoe Blue”. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the wildlife that calls Lake Tahoe home and how you can help keep them wild.

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