Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of April

By: Trent Unruh

Hello Lake Tahoe enthusiast!

If April showers bring May flowers, we’re curious what next month will bring. Take a gander at our favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram photos from the month of April!

10. Making A Splash in Big Blue

After 6 long, dry months, Blue is splashing this week!

9. Stellar’s Jay Kind of Day

Ever heard of cheeseburger birds?

8. It’s Waterfall Season

We can’t stop at just one, check out our Top 5 Waterfalls Around South Lake Tahoe.

7. Dog’s Day in Tahoe

Pinecones might be good for looking at, but we don’t imagine they make great balls. Bear dog may think differently.

6. Goodbye Spring Skiing, Hello Tahoe Beaches

It looks like the last bit of snow may be just about to melt, but the storm in the distance seems to say different.

5. Silhouetted Tahoe

The pine trees reach for the sky as the sun sets on another day in South Lake Tahoe.

4. Beauty Above… And Below

Do your part to help keep Lake Tahoe beautiful for generations to come. Always pack out what you pack in and never feed wildlife.

3. Cat Explorer

Nothing like munching down a pine needle on a warm winter day.

2. Lines in the Water

We love all of the vertical lines of this shot. From the shore to the trees and even sky!

1. Majestic Mountain Sunset

It looks like a curtain call for another exquisite day in South Lake Tahoe. What will tomorrow hold?

No matter what route you take on your next Lake Tahoe expedition, please be sure to positively impact the local environment and wildlife along the way. As a city in the middle of a forest, South Lake Tahoe and its guests have a responsibility to keep wildlife wild by never feeding them and properly disposing of garbage in bear-resistant containers. 

Ready to be a next-level visitor? Picking up even a few pieces of discarded trash can go a long way towards “Keeping Tahoe Blue”. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the wildlife that calls Lake Tahoe home and how you can help keep them wild.

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