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Why should I take care of Tahoe?

  • If it’s your dog, then it’s your doody. Tahoe is a dog’s paradise with endless trails and cool fresh water, but their waste is creating big problems with water clarity. More info
  • Your butt’s stinking up the beach: The beach is not an ashtray. Please collect your  cigarette butts. More info
  • Batten down the trashes! Run a tight ship. Keep yar trash aboard. More info
  • Trash day is a bear’s buffet. Bears will eat your garbage. Lock it down with bear-proof bins. More info
  • Like to relax by a campfire after a long day? Sure- we all do! But a runaway wildfire could potentially destroy your home and destroy communities. Give it a big wet one before you go. More info
  • What’s on your bottom? Invasive plants arrive on your watercraft. Clean, Drain and Dry before launching. More info
  • There’s a better hiding spot for your garbage. The trashcan. More info
  • Drink Tahoe Tap. The world’s best water is right at your fingertips. Go ahead, turn it on! More info
  • Blaze a trail of kindness. All trails in Tahoe are nice trails. When you see other bikers, hikers, dogs and horses, smile! More info
  • Everything drains into the Lake! Keep excess nutrients and pollutants that reduce water clarity out of the lake. More info
  • Over the river not through the woods! Use the river responsibly. More info
Welcome to Tahoe insider tips

The beauty of Tahoe takes our breath away, but it can also take our minds away too. Take Care is the antidote to the “vacation brain” we all experience from time-to-time.  It is a series of small reminders that poke fun at the mistakes we all make when we’re not paying attention. It is meant to inspire everyone, from the young and the old to residents and visitors, to be more responsible when living, working or playing in this mountain treasure.

pack it in, pack it out

With millions of visitors a year and heavy traffic on our beaches, trails and waterways we all need to “Pack It In and Pack It Out.”

Be #1 at picking up #2

Bacteria and nutrients from pet waste affect water quality. Pick up after your pet and keep them on the trails to protect native plants.

Trash day is a bear's buffet

Help us keep our bears wild by shutting down the buffet. DO NOT leave trash or garbage out overnight unless it’s in a “bear-proof” steel container. Put it out on the day of pick up.

In Tahoe, Bottle Service means recycling

Recycle: Bottles, cans, plastic, paper

Driving slower makes the roads safer for people and animals. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the view, while always keeping an eye on the road. It’s Tahoe, you’ll get there when you get there.

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