Be Fire Safe

I will be mindful that it only takes one spark to destroy an environment. Wildfire and its prevention are everyone’s responsibility.  


Lake Tahoe Take Care Travel Pledge - Be Fire Safe

The simplest of efforts by visitors can help preserve Lake Tahoe’s pristine magnificence for all time. One step is to prevent fires in this national forest that’s beloved by so many.

Take the Take Care Tahoe pledge to be fire safe:

“I will be mindful that it only takes one spark to destroy an environment. Wildfire and its prevention are everyone’s responsibility.”

Just a single spark can turn Tahoe into a tinderbox. Lightning can spark concerns as well as flames, but humans have accidentally ignited devastating blazes too many times already.

Let’s work together to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Prevention is simple.

Fire Wise

In 2007, one of the most devastating fires in Tahoe history was sparked by an illegal campfire and raged through the basin uncontrolled for days. Deficient campfire attention resulted in hundreds of homes lost and an ecological disaster throughout the Tahoe National Forest that took years to recover from…and still is.

Don’t be the next person that devastates Tahoe’s extraordinary landscape!

South Lake is often stricken by droughts and the ubiquitous trees can ignite easily. Fireworks, cigarette butts and campfires can all jeopardize this picturesque global destination.

Use caution when disposing of cigarette butts, and make sure they’re completely out. Fireworks are lovely, but highly flammable and not permitted anywhere in the Tahoe region. Unattended or illegal campfires are also entirely taboo, for very good reason, as demonstrated by the Angora Fire.

To help guide you towards fire safety, Living with Fire Tahoe features tips such as making sure your campfire is contained within a metal campfire ring, then doused and completely out at the end of the evening.

Before arriving, check NOAA’s Tahoe fire-weather warnings, then peruse the forest service’s current Lake Tahoe fire restrictions and adhere to them diligently while here.

You too can be a protector of Tahoe. The forest thanks you in advance.

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