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Lake Tahoe Wedding Cake Bakers

Once the ceremony is finished and the reception is letting everyone revel in your love, it’s cake-cutting time. But what to cut, perhaps gleefully shove into the mouth of your partner, then share with your guests?

Lake Tahoe boasts a bounty of creative bakers ready to craft your reception’s decadent centerpiece. Check out the possibilities and let these dough artists bring your visions to life in the most scrumptious of fashion.

Wedding Cake Lake Tahoe

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Big Day Bakers

Lake Tahoe Wedding Cakes

It’s your wedding day. Photos are being taken of every facet of your ceremony and reception. So, make sure that your cake is not only stunning, but scrumptious. 

Many dough- and fondant-focused artisans in Lake Tahoe can bake a cake for your big day that’s both a striking centerpiece and a decadently delicious tribute to your love. Find the perfect professional to create an eye-catching cake for your Lake Tahoe wedding among these talented bakers. 

If I propose to myself and myself says yes, I get to have the cake, right? I love me, so I’m thinking 12 tiers.

Michelle M. Pillow
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