Yoga is everywhere

By: Jenay Aiksnoras

Try It Out

I’ve been practicing living a lifestyle of Yoga since 2000.  When I first began practicing it was because my friends were going, it was free and I liked the physical workout.  The first practice I tried was in the style of Svarupa; a  gentle practice which uses blankets and blocks and requires a lot of stretching.  At the time, I was living in Boston and, once my wallet got a bit fuller, I was able to experience a variety of other styles simply by wandering the city and looking at posted schedules.

Svarupa style yoga
Posturing in the Svarupa style

The Yoga Lifestyle

When I moved to Tahoe I couldn’t find a studio that aligned with my lifestyle.  Living here afforded me many opportunities to explore, adventure and play, but I didn’t feel at home at the only studio in town.

I was the local school counselor and had been hired to teach a few Private Practices.  As people got to know me, they asked me to begin offering classes locally.  Soon, I had a following and I begun developing a small business.  Now, I share my lifestyle with people in my studio, at various homes, on the beach, paddle board and am happy to practice with anyone, anywhere.

Paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe
Meditation doesn’t always mean closing your eyes. Sometimes it means enjoying the view

More Than Poses

When I’m not working, I play outside at any chance I get.  During the Summer I ride my bike every day.  I ski and hike, swim, paddle, and am always looking for a new experience to try.

I practice Yoga everyday and everywhere.  This doesn’t mean I  do Yoga poses every day.   Nope.  I’ve learned that Yoga is much more than poses.  It’s a way of living.  Yoga is everywhere, all the time.

Every one of us can benefit from a little stretching, balance and strengthening.  We can all benefit from peace of mind,  and quiet time.  Yoga is movement, breathing, mindfulness, wellbeing and contentment.  You know that feeling you get when you’re floating on three feet of powder?  It’s Yoga.  How about when you’re cruising down the most perfect section of single track without a soul around?  It’s Yoga.   When you’re the only one floating on the crystal clear lake.  It’s Yoga.  It’s always there, even if you don’t consider yourself a Yogi(ni).

Caples Lake Ice Skating
A peaceful moment on Caples Lake

Practice Yoga Everywhere

Today take a moment to look at your own life and find those moments of Yoga; moments when you’ve reached out to others, enjoyed some time to yourself, found balance, strength and calm.

To learn more about finding those moments of peace in your life, join the practice at Lake Tahoe Yoga or book a Private Session with Jenay.

Jenay, ERYT500, is the owner of Lake Tahoe Yoga and Tahoe Bliss Retreats.  She lives an active life-style and seeks Yoga in everything she does.

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