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“Know Before You Go” is a key phrase of 2020, but it’s still true — I understand that nature deserves my attention and that knowledge and preparedness for outdoor adventure is my responsibility.


Lake Tahoe Take Care Travel Pledge - Stay Educated

Hey you, we’re so glad you’re coming to Lake Tahoe! And we want you to have the best time ever. 

So we’ve put together some insider tips on how to make the most of your time in Tahoe. Our travel suggestions, recommendations, and safety protocols mean you’ll be prepared for whatever adventures come your way.

Why know before you go?

For one, it ensures a safer, more enjoyable experience, which is the only type of experience we want you to have! 

With the latest weather forecasts, road conditions, and tips on everything from trail conditions to how and where to sled safely, you’ll know what to wear, what to bring, and where to go. 

There’s also less chance of unexpected surprises. You’ll avoid some of those potentially unpleasant situations that arise when you forget your sunblock, extra water, snacks, or don’t plan ahead. 

After all, how many great travel memories begin with “Remember that time we had to call search and rescue?”

Embrace your inner Scout and be prepared

There are lots of tools to help you know before you go, including our Frequently Asked Questions Page, where you’ll find the answers to lots of commonly asked questions, from weather to what’s open. 

Looking for the latest on pandemic updates? We’ve got that, too. 

And the Lake Tahoe App is an excellent addition to your smartphone. It makes planning your perfect getaway a whole lot easier, with maps, activities, weather, and more all at your fingertips. 

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