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I may be wild at heart, but I will marvel at wildlife from a respectful distance to ensure safety for all.


Lake Tahoe Take Care Travel Pledge - Keep Wildlife Wild

Humans aren’t the only passionate lovers of Lake Tahoe. Abundant wildlife calls the basin home and needs your help to survive and thrive within it.

Of course, we’re not talking about cuddling and feeding the wild animals inhabiting Tahoe.

In fact, that’s the number-one no-no.

Learn more by taking the #TahoePledge to keep wildlife wild. You’ll help the forests and lake continue to teem with other inhabitants for generations to come.

Take Care Tahoe’s Wildlife Pledge:

“I may be wild at heart, but I will marvel at wildlife from a respectful distance to ensure safety for all.”

Be Animal Aware

Bears, raccoons, squirrels, beavers, birds and so much more traipse the trails and trees around Tahoe. Your trash is their treat.

As well, many visitors think it kind to feed the animals here, but beware: you’re doing the critters themselves along with all future visitors a disservice.

Many resources exist to help both temporary and permanent Tahoe-ites understand how to be animal aware.

Please inform yourself to Secure Food, Trash and Other Attractants. Keep Tahoe Bears Wild! More Information

Take Care Tahoe offers several suggestions on how to keep both bears and humans safe, and Clean Tahoe’s site shares how to be “Bear Aware” while in South Lake.

Tahoe Bear Smart’s downloadable brochure also teaches visitors how to co-exist with the gentle giants, with tips such as what to do when you encounter a bear in the wild.  

Another nonprofit seeking to assist the area’s animals is Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. They provide hands-on rehabilitation services for orphaned and injured fauna at their 27-acre facility so they can be released back into the wild. Download the Be Wildlife Wise brochure.

Volunteer opportunities are available if you’re interested in assisting with animal care, transportation, facility maintenance, or putting any of your other skills to service. You can also become a member of Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, or donate monetarily to the cause.

While in Lake Tahoe, please, don’t feed the bears or any other wildlife. Remember that, sadly, a fed bear is a dead bear.

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