Campgrounds in South Lake Tahoe

Echo Lake Camp

Echo Lake Camp

Echo Lake Camp, established in 1922, is located atop a granitic alpine ridge overlooking the Lake Tahoe Basin. Echo Lake itself is about a 15minute walk away from the camp. Desolation Wilderness, a very popular hiking and backpacking paradise with hundreds of miles of trails, is accessible by foot or by a 10-minute water taxi across Echo Lake. During the summer, temperatures are usually in the 70s to low 80s during the day and in the 50s at night. During your stay, you will be camping in traditional High Sierra tent-cabins outfitted with bunk beds or cots and mattresses. Campers must provide their own linens or sleeping bags. No food may be stored in the tentsdue to bear scavenging, but bear-proof food storage is provided in several locations throughout camp.

More information on the website here.

Echo Lake Camp

Echo Lakes Road, Echo Lake, CA 95721

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