Take Care Tahoe

By: Lake Tahoe Staff

Take Care Tahoe Responsible Recreation; here are some insider tips for how to do things in Tahoe.

Take Care Lake Tahoe welcome to tahoe insider tips

Invasive plants arrive on your watercraft. Clean, drain, and dry before launching.

By driving slower, you have more time to react if a pedestrian steps off a curb, a biker swerves to avoid a pothole, or a bear crosses the highway. Plus, it gives you more time to soak in all that Tahoe has to offer.

Take Care Lake Tahoe pack it in pack it out

No germs… or anything else… left behind.

Take Care Lake Tahoe be #1 at picking up #2

Bacteria and nutrients from pet waste affect water quality. Pick up after your pet and keep them on the trails to protect native plants.

Take Care Lake Tahoe trash day is a bear's buffet

Help us keep our bears wild by shutting down the buffet. DO NOT leave trash or garbage out overnight unless it’s in a “bear-proof” steel container. Put it out on the day of pick up.

Take Care Lake Tahoe in Tahoe, bottle service means recycling

Recycle: Bottles, cans, plastic, paper

Check out our Rules to Lake By for more information on how to protect the awe.

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