Mindful Practices in a Virtual World

By: Jenay Aiksnoras

You know, Yoga isn’t just about poses.  It also includes practices of mindfulness.  The first two limbs; Yama and Niyama describe practices for how to treat others and ourselves.  Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own wants we forget that our behaviors have an effect on others.  These are few practices to show your love for Lake Tahoe with consideration and mindfulness.

Tahoe Sunset Mindfullness

Virtual Tahoe

I think that many of us who have chosen to live in Lake Tahoe have done so because we enjoy a little distance between ourselves and others.  Some of us have given up the city, large homes or expansive properties in exchange for the wide-open lake, mountains, and valleys of the basin.  When we return to our humble abodes we do so with memories of how wide open the world can be.

While in your home, wherever it may be, try a mindful distancing practice.  Imagine yourself in your favorite spot at Lake Tahoe. Envision everything about it from sights to smells and touch to sounds.  Spend a little time in your own “Virtual Tahoe.”

Tahoe In Your Home

There are so many things that make Lake Tahoe special.  One of my favorite quips is about people who try to bring the various shades of the lake home in jars.  One of my least favorite behaviors is people taking Sugar Pine cones home.  

Rather than take from Tahoe, create your own Lake Tahoe at home.  Use the colors of Tahoe’s water to decorate your living room. When you cut down a tree in your yard have it carved like those in the yards at the lake.  Hang photos of your favorite spots in Tahoe on your walls as reminders.

Tahoe Woods Mindfullness

Follow Your Favorites

I think that the best businesses in Tahoe are the ones that are owned by residents.  There is something a bit more special about a place that is owned by someone who lives in and loves Tahoe.  

You can find many Tahoe small businesses on your favorite social media apps.  By following and liking their posts you will not only be “in the know” regarding what is happening, but you will also be helping small businesses and owners boost their optimization.

Plan For The Future

You might not be able to get to Lake Tahoe today, but it’s fun to plan on a trip in the future.  Create a vision board, list of “want-to’s,” or journal about the places and things you hope to see and do during your next trip.

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to get information and to learn more about the places you hope to visit or the businesses you want to check out.  Remember that most of the experience providers and event vendors book early. Contacting them early might just get you an “in.”

Tahoe Beach Cleanup Mindfullness

We Want To Want You

I grew up visiting Cape Cod, and now that I live in Tahoe, I realize what a challenge it is to live there.  There are visitors who are generous, polite, kind, respectful and considerate. These mindful people do everything they can to let others know how much they appreciate where they are.  Then, there are those who forget or lose their manners on the way across the bridge, or in our case, over the pass.  

Returning to the mindful distancing practice from before, while you enjoy “Virtual Tahoe,” envision how you can make Tahoe a better place now, or during your next visit.  Perhaps you’re going to donate to one of the local organizations.  Maybe you’ll bring an extra trash bag to clean up as you walk or hike.  Imagine yourself pulling over in a safe place, out of the way of traffic, to take in the views.  Whatever you choose to do to make Lake Tahoe a better place, we look forward to seeing you during your next visit.

Learn more about Yoga when you visit Lake Tahoe Yoga.  Information about how to support local organizations can be found here: https://www.cityofslt.us/517/Partnerships

Originally Published on LakeTahoeYoga.com
By Jenay Aiksnoras, ERYT500, MS Counseling, LTYLTD, Realignment Coach

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