What I love about spring in South Lake Tahoe

By: Lake Tahoe Staff

Springtime brings a lot of new activities and recreation to the area.  It’s perhaps the most beautiful time to see all of the waterfalls come to life, whether by car or hike.

Horsetail Falls near South Lake Tahoe

Horsestails Falls is just a short drive from Tahoe and easily accessed over Echo Summit.  The hike is fairly long, so bring water and snacks and plan to make an afternoon of it.

For a closer drive, Cascade Falls has gorgeous views and a much easier hike.  The mouth of the hike is right across the street from the lookout over Emerald Bay, which is another scenic spot for visitors and locals alike.

The Truckee River near Lake Tahoe

A lesser known area is the Truckee River, which meanders its way through South Lake Tahoe.  You can set up a picnic or go kayaking. Early spring is best while the river is still high.

Aside from hiking and sightseeing, the spring is a great time to start gardening.  We have a short season here, so the earlier you get started, the better.  There are plenty of local nurseries that sell plants and flowers best for the South Lake Tahoe region.

Spring Gardens in Lake Tahoe

It’s important to pick perennial plants so you have a garden to tend to the following season. You can typically spend a little more on perennials since you know they will come back the following year.  For a splash of color, pick some annuals, like these pansies.

Spring Gardens and Flowers in Lake Tahoe

And if you’re lucky, you might find a little friend who will take up residence in your garden.

Frog in Garden in Lake Tahoe

Whether you hike, sight see, garden or simply enjoying the warmer weather, Tahoe in the spring is a great time to visit and explore.

– Natasha Schue I’m a Southern California girl now residing in South Lake Tahoe. Married to my college sweetheart with our first baby on the way! We live in our newly renovated home with our dog, Wilson, and cat, Mr. Whiskers {she’s a girl}. I am inspired by fun fashion, innovative design, and gourmet cuisine. 

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