Respect the Environment

I will embody the footprint of a ninja – it will be stealthy, light, and my touch will be gentle.

What I carry in, I will carry out.


Lake Tahoe Take Care Travel Pledge - Respect the Environment

Imagine planning a trip to Lake Tahoe with friends who’ve never been here before. You can’t wait to show them the incredibly blue lake and pristine natural beauty that they’ve heard so much about.

But when you arrive at your favorite beach, all you see are bottle caps, cigarette butts, disposable masks, broken sleds from the winter, and even a diaper (eww!) littering the gorgeous sand. It’s gross, and there’s no way you want to enjoy the afternoon there. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case. But it could be if you and everyone else who loves Tahoe doesn’t do their part. 

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Taking care of it is ALL of our responsibility. 

Because if we don’t, our kids, grandkids, and great-great-grandkids won’t get to enjoy a Lake Tahoe beach or ski day like we can. 

And none of us want that to happen.

Fun fact: doing your part doesn’t require a ton of work on your end, either. In most cases, it’s common-sense stuff – think picking up after yourself, being nice to others, and showing respect for Mother Nature, wildlife, and even other humans!

Ready to get started? Here’s a short list of DOs and DONTs. 

DO leave no trace by packing out your trash (and any other trash you see). 

DON’T litter on trails, beaches, the lake, or anywhere. There’s no maid service out there.

DO avoid single-use products – think disposable masks, water bottles, plastic cutlery, and sleds. 

DON’T make your trash someone else’s problem. Take it all with you, including those single-use items!

DO put trash and recyclables in a trash can. 

DON’T leave your trash next to a full or overflowing can – take it with you instead. (See: No maid service.)

DO pick up after your dog and dispose of it in a trash receptacle.

DON’T leave your poop bag on the trail. There is no poop bag fairy! 

DO stop to pick up your snack wrapper, tissue, or other pieces of trash when it falls out of your pocket or bag. And DO pick up small pieces of litter when you see them on the trail, beach, or bike path.

DON’T think your one piece of trash won’t make a difference.   

DO reduce plastic pollution at Lake Tahoe by skipping the straw or bringing a reusable one with you.

DO share the trail and be kind to other users.

DON’T assume other trail users see or hear you on the trail. Let them know you’re coming (a friendly hello goes a long way!). 

DO take your plastic sled with you. Especially if it’s broken!

DON’T leave your sled behind, as plastic pollution can impact Lake Tahoe’s wildlife and drinking water.   

DO use established access points to get in and out of the river.

DON’T leave rafts, supplies, trash, or family members behind.

DO ask for only the utensils and napkins you need when ordering takeout food.

DON’T let your to-go containers become part of the trash problem. Dispose of them in a trash receptacle, ideally one that’s secure against bears and other critters!

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