Mindful Practices in a Virtual World

By: Jenay Aiksnoras

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Made Me a Better Person

By Jenay Aiksnoras, Chief Experience Curator, ERTY500, Realignment Coach

We have lived through an historical moment.  Has it changed you?  It has certainly changed me and reinforced my desire for Bliss.

Less is Good

I grew up playing with whatever was available.  We would run around the fields, climb trees, build rock & tree forts, and build mud pies.  Our imaginations allowed us to create anything out of anything.  

two girls selfie at sunset lake tahoe

The first time my sister visited me in Tahoe she said, “You live in a postcard.”  When I guide tours and classes people ask, “do you ever get tired of this?”  My answer is, “Never.”  I get to live the dream and value that I get to do it in Lake Tahoe and recognize how the choices I made in life helped me to get here.  

Every day I get to look at a beautiful lake, run through the forest, walk on the beach, stand on top of a mountain, hike through the desert, bike, ski, paddle and play.  The pandemic has added stress to my life, but enjoying Tahoe has helped me to manage it.  What are the things in your life that you could do without?

Patience & Empathy

People fled the cities when the pandemic hit.  There was a general perception shift that the mountains are safer than the seaside.  Our tiny community became inundated with visitors and new residents.  The lack of infrastructure, staff, response teams, inability to educate, and enforcement became increasingly evident and the impact has been significant.

girl with face mask

Tahoe runs on tourism.  We have gotten better, throughout the years, at supporting and sharing information with the influx of visitors that come to the basin every Winter and Summer.  This year was a new opportunity for us to learn and change our practices.

As a business owner I had to become more patient.  Messaging from my business had to change.  I had to constantly remind myself to try to understand the perspective others have; they are just trying to do something “normal”  The pandemic has helped me become more patient and empathetic with myself and others.

Sense of Community

Small businesses are the soul of our country.  As businesses began to shutter it was obvious that the corporations and larger ones would survive.  Small, individually and family owned businesses needed our patronage.  

yoga pose in front of South Lake Brewing Company sign

Businesses and professionals as well as residents began to demonstrate their support for each other by showing up and spending locally.  The pandemic further reminded me to remain in touch with those I value and to continue to bolster them.  As we emerge from this historical moment we need to continue to support them in reopening.

Present Mindedness

I believe that when spending time with someone it is important that your full attention be dedicated to that experience.  When teaching classes, guided lessons, or giving a tour I am fully focused upon making the experience special for those joining in.  

Couple stand up paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe

Now that we are using more virtual tools including live video streams it’s easy to be doing many things at once: live feed while recording for later while doing an Instagram live and chatting over text.

I chose to continue to practice focusing upon the task at hand even while learning to use new formats for teaching.  I have noticed that, as I venture back out into the world, I would rather be with a small group and have dedicated conversations than in a place where there is a larger crowd and many distractions.  Being present and enjoying the moment makes for a far better experience. 

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