Wakeboarding Lake Tahoe

By: Lake Tahoe Staff

In addition to the mountains calling you to a life of fun and adventure, when you live at Lake Tahoe, the water hollers to you, too.  The Lake positively beckons you to come swim, boat, or bask on its beaches.  In the few years, I have lived here, I have answered that call time and time again, but lately, the Lake has been calling in a new way –  to wakeboard.

Wakeboarding in South lake Tahoe

I have had the itch to try Lake Tahoe wakeboarding for a while so it came as no surprise that when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it.  

wakeboarding lake tahoe
Early morning views of Lake Tahoe.

A few friends invited me to go out with them early on a spring morning.  We packed up our gear, tossed it on the boat, and away we went.  This was the first time I had ever been on the lake this early in the morning.  As the sun made its way up over the mountains, the rippled water reflected them and the cool morning air was crisp, smelling of the rain we got the night before.  

wakeboarding lake tahoe
… Get Set…

We were lost in awe of the moment and chats with friends when our captain brought the boat to a stop and said it was time to get in. One by one, my friends took their turns sliding off the boat, into the water, and then effortlessly letting the boat pull them behind weaving back and forth in its wake. Then, it was my turn.

wakeboarding lake tahoe
Here we go!

This was not my first time on a wakeboard, but it had been many years and never in a cool water lake. I was nervous and excited while also unprepared not having a wet suit – and for spring water in Tahoe you need it! Luckily there was a wetsuit top on the boat that fit me so that helped.

As I zipped up, the Tahoe Boat Rides captain reminded me, “The trick to getting up is to relax and let the boat do the work.” I slid my feet into the bindings and off the back of the boat I went.  If I was not fully awake before, I was then! As the boat pulled away from me, I got my body in the crouched position holding on to the handle – mentally giving myself a pep talk and coaching myself through the process.

  • Crouch position
  • Arms out over your knees
  • Let the boat pull you

 “Ready…Set… HIT IT!”

And whoosh it all came back. One swoop and I’m up cruising along, weaving just as my friends did. The exhilaration of the ride and the breathtaking views of beaches, mountains, and blue skies melded together for an experience like no other. Time flew until finally my arms were tired and weak.  I signaled to stop and let go of the rope.

My heart screamed “Again! Again!” but my arms screamed “All Done!”  I climbed back on the boat, grinning ear to ear.  For something I have put off trying for all this time, now after trying it,  I cannot wait for the lake to call me to wakeboard again.  There is no doubt that if it is something you want to try that you can make it happen.  With great companies that can walk you through the process and snagging some friends to make it even better, there’s no stopping you from experiencing the lake by wakeboard.

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