Have an Awesome Autumn

Travel Green to Keep Tahoe Blue

In fall, the South Shore’s rainbow of colors is beautiful. When we all work together, we can keep Lake Tahoe pristine for years to come.

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Love It Like a Local

For South Shore residents, the lake is the center of everything we do. You’re invited to live–and lake–like a local during your visit: pack in what you bring out, throw away garbage and enjoy yourself mindfully.

Catch some rays. ☀️
The temperature is 44°F.
Ready to enjoy fall foliage?

Things to Do

Get Your Lake On

The South Shore’s breathtaking mountains are red and gold, but our lake is still the clearest blue in the country. Explore the awe (and then some) on foot, by bike or with a guided tour.

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Good for You, Good for Tahoe

Keeping our lake blue and our mountains green is easy: just take it one day at a time. Even the smallest actions–like throwing away trash, or choosing to bike instead of drive–helps protect the South Shore for future generations.

What’s in the Forecast

The South Shore is always beautiful. Take a peek at what weather you can expect during your stay.

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