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Welcome to Winter

If summer in Tahoe is beautiful, winter in Tahoe is divine. Don’t miss your chance to see the mountains covered in snow, attend seasonal events, and experience the South Shore the way locals do when the weather turns cold.

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The Purest Blue

Explore Like You Live Here

Living like a local means living a lake-first lifestyle. Pack out what you pack in, respect the nature, and help us keep Lake Tahoe beautiful for generations to come–in every season.

It’s a sunny spring day.
The temperature is 26°F.
Ready to enjoy the mountains?

Things to Do

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In Tahoe, winter can be whatever you want it to be. Conquer slopes up at Heavenly or break it down at a live show–every choice is a good one.

Lake-Friendly Stays

Sustainable travel means what we enjoy today will be there tomorrow for the next traveler to experience. Here’s how you can help keep Lake Tahoe beautiful when you stay with us.

What’s in the Forecast

Winter weather around the South Shore is beautiful. Here’s what you can expect during your stay, plus road conditions on major thoroughfares.

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