Live Lake-First

Awesome Forever

All this awesome didn’t happen by accident. Live the Rules to Lake By, explore responsibly, and enjoy everything the South Shore has to offer knowing you’re doing your part to keep it Awe and then Some for everyone.

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Take the Scenic Route

There’s more to see when you take the road less traveled. Explore the South Shore on foot or by bike, boat, scooter, or shuttle. It’s an awesome way to cut transportation costs (and emissions).

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Things to Do

Spring Into Tahoe Time

From surprise wildflowers to hidden waterfalls, there’s more natural beauty to discover around Lake Tahoe’s South Shore this spring.

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Rules to Lake By

Keeping the South Shore Awe and then Some takes a little effort from a whole lot of people. That’s why we encourage locals and visitors alike to live the Rules to Lake By: five simple ways to keep Lake Tahoe clean, visit responsibly, and ensure everyone feels welcome.

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