The Virus Doesn’t Take A Vacation…

By: Alex Silgalis

Lake Tahoe has always been a place to escape from the oppressive heat surrounding the mountains. When places like Reno and Sacramento are hitting high 90’s or even triple digits, the Tahoe Basin is in the upper 70s or low 80s. Combine that with the cool waters of Lake Tahoe and you have the perfect recipe for summer fun. For this year, the entire community including the City of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Barton Health, and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority ask you to #respectTahoe by wearing a mask. We need your help to stay open. Here are a few great examples from our friends at Novus Select.


What To Do When Outside

First, pick a time and place where you won’t likely see a lot of folks. If you pull up to a trailhead that’s full of cars, have a plan B option. Second, it is true that the biggest risk of catching the virus is indoors, but those droplets can still travel up to twelve feet outside. With that being said, having a mask handy is a good idea. This will make it easy for you to pull it up over your nose and mouth if you do come upon people when out for a hike.


Boating is the same idea. Shoving off from a marina, you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded individuals, and as such, wear your mask when on the boat ramp or getting near someone else. Once you’re out on the open water and it’s only you and your family, you can take off the mask.


Tips On Wearing A Mask When Dining Out

Out of all the activities, the hardest one to wear a mask is dining even for the most disciplined individuals. We get it. One of the first and easiest things to do to reduce risk and transmission is to avoid crowded restaurants. It’s just like hiking and having that plan B. For example, instead of the casino corridor, maybe consider checking out the new restaurants on Ski Run Boulevard. Another great tip is storing your mask in a plastic ziplock-type bag while eating. Research has shown that taking off and putting on the mask during your meal is worse, so wait until you’re finished and then put it back on.



One Part Of A Greater Coalition

This series of videos is just one part of Lake Tahoe and our local government agencies trying to educate the public on wearing masks when in Lake Tahoe. For example, the City of South Lake Tahoe has launched an ambassador program where volunteers hand out PPE and educational information to folks who need them.

A HUGE thank you from our friends at Novus Select for helping create these videos. Based in South Lake Tahoe, this video production and photography agency creates content for clients all around the globe. To get a bigger taste of what they do, take a gander at their video reel:

Novus Select Reel from Novus Select – Project Archive on Vimeo.

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